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 Jag's BakuTeam and BacuBackups [APPROVED]

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Badge Designer and Administrator

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PostSubject: Jag's BakuTeam and BacuBackups [APPROVED]   Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:43 am Raptorix Helix Dragonoid Moskeeto Aranaut (HAS TRIED TO KILL ME!!!!!!!) Sabator Midnight Percival *tickles Percival* "Hey, watch it! Oh, heehee, that tickles stop it, please...!" "Never~" (my partner, also useless :P) "I HEARD THAT!" Dharak Thunder Wilda Don't even TRY to steal him, as I've kissed him :P

OK, so maybe not entirely Darkus. The reason Haos Aranaut's in there is because he's powerful and said that if I didn't enter him, he'd blow my brains out. Simple? Yes. Rude? Doesn't even describe it >.>' Ventus Thunder Wilda's there bcuz he was my first powerful (at the time) Bakugan. Sabator just rocks. Dharak? I love Dharaks. All Darkus Bakugan are there because I'm a (dun dun dun...) Darkus Brawler. >:3
Evil? No. Cute? Heck, no. Constantly having very awkward conversations with Midnight Percival? Definitely. Strange? Well, DUH! ...ok, enough blah-blah. Let's upload those Bakugan!!!

And don't forget, BAKUGAN BRAWL!! ...had to say that ;3

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PostSubject: Re: Jag's BakuTeam and BacuBackups [APPROVED]   Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:12 pm

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Jag's BakuTeam and BacuBackups [APPROVED]
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