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Please login if you would like to register your Bakugan and cards, brawl against other members, and become the best Bakugan Battle Zone brawler!

If you havn't yet made an account, the please do so to gain full access to the chat room and the rest of our content! You'll also be able to earn badges by proving you were at certain Bakugan events or proving you have certain promotional Bakugan (such as White Naga from the video game).

~Your friend, DoomBrawler.

Have a great time at Bakugan Battle Zone with our other members
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 Welcome Brawlers, One & All!

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PostSubject: Welcome Brawlers, One & All!   Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:58 pm

Welcome brawlers, to the Bakugan Battle Zone. This website was made so that brawlers all across the world could brawl anytime they please. This website offers a nice place to chat and brawl with other members. Not only that, Bakugan Battle Zone will also help members keep up with Bakugan events such as BakuCon, Bakugan Battle Leagues, Bakugan Training Camps, and more!

Members who participate in any Bakugan event and who can prove it to me will earn a badge which helps members gain tons of reputation. They also gain 500 rank points which help members become the top ranked on this website. One of the best parts about all of this is that members have a chance to use their own Bakugan instead of Bakugan they have to earn through getting points (like other Bakugan websites require).

If this isn't enough for you yet, then keep inviting brawlers of all ages, friends, enemies, or people you just see randomly playing with Bakugan. Invite them all because the more members we get, the more content I'll add.

Here are a few things that can happen from you inviting anyone you see playing Bakugan.
- Bakugan Episodes (All episodes from Battle Brawlers, New Vestroia, and Gundalian Invaders!)
- Flash database (the database with cards and Bakugan will scroll instead of being plain text)
- Better Chatroom (sound on new messages, Easy-to-use smilies, and more)
- Custom Bakugan Smilies (Bakugan related smilies to make battles look even more interesting)
- Bakugan Profile Fields (Profile fields such as what attribute you use, your Bakugan Dimensions username, and more)
And there's alot more!
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Welcome Brawlers, One & All!
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